Five Keys for Small Group Success

Note: this is part of our in-house training for small group leaders.

Care for the kids.
They don’t care how much you know, only how much you care. The sweetest sound for a person to hear its their own name. Learn and use their names.

Be filled up with the Holy Spirit.
If your spiritual tank is empty, you’ll have a hard time pouring out to the kids. God won’t speak to you if you don’t ask Him to. He can give you further creative ideas to help get the point across.

Promote discussion, ask questions, and expect answers.
Our goal is to see the children take in the Word and gain an understanding of it; they can’t do that if we do all the talking. Jesus taught in such a way as to illicit a response from His audience.

Have a good time!
The kids can tell if you don’t want to be there.

Maintain order through boundaries.
Use our K.I.D.S. rules: K- keep your hands feet and all other objects to yourself I- If you have something important to say raise your hand D– Do be respectful and pay attention S- Start off right and you’ll have a good time (aka- If you come with a good attitude you’ll have a good time, if you come with a bad attitude you’ll have a bad time). If they break the rules use the three strike system 1- warning, 2- move to another seat, 3- visit to parents

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