Everything Speaks Part 1

Note: I am fixing, re-posting, and finishing this series I started last year. I had database problems so it never showed up correctly.

Every action we take speaks loudly. What we do and how we do it matters to God. Take a look at the story of Cain and Abel. After Cain kills his brother Abel God make this statement in Genesis 4:10:

The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.

His actions spoke to God. Your actions speak to Him also. I am listing twenty things that we can do to speak excellence in our kid’s ministries. Here’s the first four.

1) Be everything you want them to be. I stole this from Brother Jim Wideman for sure. I look at it this way: would you read a book from an author you knew did not know anything about the subject they wrote about? Perhaps a book on how to be a millionaire from a guy who lives under the bridge downtown? A book on five star dining from someone who only eats fast food? No, of course you wouldn’t. Our lives are a book that children can read. What are you writing? When we don’t care about our image, we say that we don’t care what they become.

2) Be on time. I’ve heard it said “God is an on-time God, never early, never late.” Well you’d never know by His followers. I know people use the excuse that “they were born late and have been late ever since”. I was born and I used to mess my diapers, someone changed me and I learned not to mess myself anymore. You can sit in your mess if you want to, but let God change you. When we are late, we say that we don’t honor time.

3) Prepare ahead. We’ve all heard it: if fail to plan, you plan to fail. We excuse it by saying that we like to improvise. Kids can tell when we are flying by the seats of our pants.  Anything you can do at the last minute you can do better at the first minute. When we don’t plan, we say what happens does not matter.

4) Respect attention spans. We need to manage our experiences with a flow. Avoid lulls and excessive “free-time”. This really goes back to number three. Know how long kids can sit and honor that. Keep things moving and happening all the time. When we don’t honor attention spans, we say that we don’t care if they learn.

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