Everything Speaks Part 5 – FINALE

Alright I hope you have enjoyed this series and here’s the final four. I hope you realized that this list was not in any particular order.

17) Mom and Dad are the primary spiritual influence. Anyone who is up on the times knows that this is the major thrust of many churches right now. Involve mom and dad in whatever ways you can. Support them and empower them. When we don’t involve mom and dad, we say that we don’t care for the kid’s future.

18) Relationships. Make sure that you provide environments that nurture relationships for the kids. They need peers and adults who can influence them to do God’s will for their lives. If your ministry has everything else in excellence yet kids can’t connect they will stop coming. When we don’t create a place to belong, we say that we don’t want them to stay.

19) Keep it safe and in order. Kids need to feel safe. Your worship environments need to be clean and in order. Parent’s want to feel that their children will be properly taken care of. If you don’t take care of clutter it says that you won’t take care of the kids.When we aren’t in order, we say that we don’t care if anyone gets hurt.

20) Share from the overflow. If what you are teaching is not working and alive in you, then it won’t work and be alive in them. It is easier to share when you are on full rather than on empty. You can’t give out what you don’t have.  When we don’t share from the overflow, we say that He is not enough.

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