Everything Speaks Part 3

Let me just say I don’t have all these twenty mastered. I don’t let that deter me though. I heard a good man once say “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time”. Here’s numbers nine through twelve.

9)Repeat, repeat, repeat. Anyone with children knows you got to repeat yourself sometimes. I would dare say that even us adults need to here things again and again. I did a  whole blog post about this. If we never go back and remember, what we say will be forgotten.

10) Make it fun. Kid’s learn even when they don’t know they are learning. Throw in some jokes they will laugh at. It releases chemicals in the brain that increases memory and makes our physically body feel better. Play some games to teach and review.  If we are not making it fun, they will say they don’t want to come back.

11) Maintain order. It is said that one reason kids do not obey the rules is that they don’t know the rules.  They need boundaries and discipline. They need consequences and rewards also. If we don’t have order, we say that anything goes.

12) The Holy Spirit is your #1 helper. Don’t do ministry alone. Ask God for His message for the kids. By this I don’t mean that on Saturday night you pray at 11:00 pm on what to tell the kids the next day. The God who can speak to you then wants to speak to you ahead of time also. Trust Him for creative ideas, He was there at creation. Ask Him to guide you and I know He will according to His Word. When we do what we want, we say that we don’t need the Spirit in our lives.

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