Everything Speaks Part 2

Hebrews 12:24

to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.

Jesus’ blood spoke of better things than that of Abel. Our ministries to children should also speak of better things.  Here’s numbers five through eight in our series of twenty things.

5)Don’t fret when it goes wrong. Even if we plan things go wrong. Its just a part of the fallen world we live in. No ministry is this more true than children’s ministry. We’ve all had the game, story, or illustration that goes horribly wrong. Don’t let it affect you. Get right back on the horse and ride again. If you are not failing in something, you’re not trying. If we fret when things don’t go right, we say that we are in control, not God.

6) Speak in terms and illustrations that kids understand. I love to use cartoon, movie and music references with kids. It engages them where they are at. If we are not relevant in our terminology, we say nothing.

7) Teach in a series that builds on itself. Teaching in a series helps to build upon the principles we are teaching. Think about it, schools really teach in what we call a series. They have the children work on a “concept” in each subject for a time and once that “concept” has been exhausted they move on. Unlike school though, our kids do miss church. Some can only make it every other week. So, in addition, every lesson has to stand on its own. If we aren’t building on what we teach, we say there is nothing to build.

8) Use a variety of methods. God is a God of wonders. Look at how big this universe is. Each day scientists see further into this great expanse. Our teaching is a reflection of God. It should not be predictable. Look at how unpredictable Jesus was as He walked on this earth. Use as many elements to teach the same thing – music, drama, video, activities, games, illustrations, stories, questions, memory verse, bottom line, etc. When we are boring, we say that God is boring.

2 thoughts on “Everything Speaks Part 2”

  1. So hurry up and post the rest of this…Love it!!! If you are OK with this after all is said and done, I would like to share these points with all of the people who work on Kids Community Bible Study. Only with your blessings of course.

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