Every Else’s Opinion of Me…

What other people think of me can be a blessing or curse.

When it comes to negative thoughts, opinions, or feedback I look for the nugget of truth and throw out the rest. I don’t dwell on falsities or the reasons why they believe them. The only way they become true is if I entertain them and start to produce them. I don’t give the power by giving focus to them. I try not to defend when someone is bringing feedback because they may have some wisdom for me that I don’t see. My biggest struggle is not to get defensive and or even going on the attack. I have learned to take a breath and listen to hear and not just respond.

When it come to positive feedback I hold it in the same light. I look for the truth and I’m encouraged by it. When it comes to raving fans who think we can do no wrong, we must put those thoughts and encouragements into proper perspective. The danger here is believing I can do no wrong because I have someone who is for me 100%. This can cause me to not see areas of growth and walk away from humility. I must stay humble and make sure that God is glorified. We will always be tempted to take the glory from Him but let’s not also fall into the trap of not glorifying Him for who He has made us to be.

In the end I can’t take much stock in either positive or negative thoughts about me. If I get so addicted to the praise the criticism will hurt even more. I will get so high on flattery that feedback will bring me crashing down. I must have proper perspective of who God has called me to be and find my identity in Him. I don’t find my identity in what others think about me.

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