Elementary Parent Update May 23

This week…

This week we continued the GROW UP series with talking about “Doing What the Bible Says”.  We have more information available to us today than ever before in history. We can find online Bibles, commentaries and books on Christianity with ease. I’ve heard it said that many Christians are educated beyond their motivation to act. While we have more information available to us than ever before the Church does not resemble the one in the book of Acts. Our inspiration to act has fallen behind our information. Knowing what to do is useless if we don’t do it. We encouraged the children to not “deceive themselves” and to act on the Word. We compared it to if you had a math test and knew all the answers but did not put them down you would get an “F”. We want our kids to pass the test of life.

MEMORY VERSE: James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves, do what it says.” (NIV)
TAKE HOME POINT: Do what the Bible says.

Now what?

READ: Exodus 3:1-14

MAIN POINT: God had to get Moses’ attention and speak to him through a bush. God has given us His Word in the Bible and that is one way He speaks to us today.

• God has given the Bible to us. It is His Word to us for life.
• How does God speak to us? (The Word, small still voice, conscience, voice of the Spirit, dreams, visions, other people)

READ: James 1:22

MAIN POINT: God’s Word does not work for us if we do not do what it says.

Prop: Baby aspirin or cough syrup.
• Read what the medicine is used for and the directions.

• Talk about how when these types of symptoms occur
– coughing, headache, etc. that the medicine will help.
• But the medicine won’t work if you don’t take it.
• God’s Word works the same way.
• If we don’t read the Word and do what it says, then it is useless to us.

• Ask your family what topics they need answers for (healing, schoolwork, friends, new bike etc.)
• Look up the Bible verse answers that you can use and stand on.



“I Love My Bible” – Wednesday Night series May and June
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Kid’s Life Communion – Sunday, June 5th
Wet Wednesdays – Every Wednesday night in July and August
Water Baptism – Sunday, July 17
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Fitness Camp – August 1st through 5th, 9am to noon, $29
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Kid’s Prayer Team – launching soon

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