Dumb Things I've Done In KidMin – @#$%&!

Well to continue my series of posts on dumb things I’ve done, here’s another. From the title you’re probably thinking I said a word I wasn’t supposed to? Well I’m not that dumb! My mistake in this case started when we revamped our ministry at my first church many years ago. (In fact most of my mistakes happened there, God love them.)

We had seen another area kid’s church use sound effects and bumper music to spice up transitions and segments. We started doing the same thing and soon I had more junior high boys helping me than I knew what to do with. Kids laughed and enjoyed the beats.

We decided to step it up even more and started downloading instrumental versions of popular music, mostly rap. That was all fine and dandy until some kids started singing the words… cuss words and all. F-bombs are clearly not words of life.

Obviously I put an end to that practice as most church folks don’t want their sweet little innocent kids learning cuss words at church, since that’s what public school is for (please turn on your sarcasm detector). This is why I am also not a fan of parodies of popular music that people try to make worship songs out of. There’s always going to be some kids who sing the original version.

I’m not sure I have some lesson for you or even a point to this post. Sometimes I was an idiot, sometimes I still am. I dare say I will continue to be but hopefully at a less prevalent pace. If I was God, I’d certainly had fired me a long time ago. Grace truly is amazing.

1 thought on “Dumb Things I've Done In KidMin – @#$%&!”

  1. That’s funny. In a since it didn’t happen to me kind of way. I’ve thought about doing that kind of thing but haven’t yet. I probably won’t now. Nice to learn from someone else’s mistakes sometimes
    . Thanks Jason

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