Dream On

One of the things I want to endeavor to do better is to help leaders realize, develop, and achieve God given dreams in the context of the local church. I believe that God has put a dream within each of us to do something great for Him. If you haven’t found what that is I encourage you to find out by really seeking Him. I know that if you seek Him, you will find Him.

In Genesis 37 Joseph has a dream and tells it to his brothers. His brothers react negatively and begin plotting on how to kill him. I am sure you know the story but I encourage you to re-read it this week.  Make sure that when you find your dream, don’t tell the wrong people. You need to find faith people who will support your God-given dream.

Here’s a few questions I have for you…

What are your dreams (in the context of doing something for God)?
Again, if you don’t have anything please begin to ask God to show you. He has a plan for you.

How can I (or others) help you achieve the dream God has given you?
Everyone needs someone to come alongside them. God doesn’t call people to do ministry alone. If its small enough for you to do by yourself it probably isn’t from God. Dream bigger.

Have you ever told some of the wrong people your dreams?
How did they react?

What sacrifices will you have to make to realize your dream? What will it cost you? What resources will you need?
Are you willing to pay the price?

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