Don't Forget

Memory is a key part in us being effective in whatever we do. Just think, in school tests really tested your memory of the knowledge you were given in class time. I’ve seen studies that have say that the creative part of our brains and the memory part are also linked. Your success in kid’s ministry is linked to memory. If you tell a parent or another leader you are going to do something and then forget to do it, they will think you lied even if all you did was forget. You had no ill motives but the end result is the same as if you did.

People will believe you to be smarter than you are if you have a great memory. So what do you do when you can’t remember things? What if your memory is failing you?

Here are some of my tips for memory:

1) Get you some tools to help you.
There are more programs and tools available today than ever before whether is pen and paper or computer software or an app for your smartphone. Here’s a free one I use on my Mac, Ipad and iPhone. One of the guys I saw who did this best even used index cards that he carried around in his pocket. Whatever system works for you, work it and use it.

2) Begin to speak over your memory.
I tell my brain to not forget God’s benefits and that my memory is blessed. Instead of saying “I always forget” I say “my memory is sharp because I have the mind of Christ”.

3) Play memory games to sharpen my mind.
Just do a quick Google search and there you are! They also have several video games on all platforms that help with this. Maybe you are a person who learns via song? Whatever way you learn use that.

4) Don’t let people tell you something you have to remember when the time is not opportune.
I don’t let people come up to me in the hallway and say “Oh I won’t be here the 4th week of the month that is 4 months from now”. Write me a note or better yet an email. I won’t remember and you will be disappointed in me. It works better for us all when we use a system. I loveĀ Planning Center for scheduling because of that reason. People can block out their dates and what not.




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