Don't be a Spiritual Prima Donna

pri·ma don·na

noun \ˌpri-mə-ˈdä-nə, ˌprē-\
a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team
I hope that doesn’t define you but I know that at times I have been a prima donna.
What are some of the signs of being a ministry prima donna?
  • 1) Its your way or the high way.
    You don’t really let others have a voice.
  • 2) You don’t take correction well or at all for that matter.
    I mean who needs to take correction when you are always right?
  • 3) Everything you do is your idea when it goes right and someone else’s when it goes wrong.
    Even when you take others ideas you pretend they are yours and blame your bad ones on those who agreed with you.
  • 4) Personal success trumps organizational success or even how God defines success.
    There’s no “I” in team, but there ain’t no “we” either.
  • 5) You don’t care who you burn as long as you get things done.
    When you hurt people you point at the results and tell them to get over it.
  • 6) You see compassion as weakness.
    Weak like Jesus.
  • 7) You say yes to the boss’ face but say no behind his/her back.
    Yes sir, yes ma’am.
  • 8) You exaggerate your “victories” and excuse your “failures”.
    You did what? Sure you did.
  • 9) You take all the credit even when you don’t deserve it.
    The only credit we should care about is to do with money.
  • 10) Your way is always better.
    Different isn’t always wrong, sometimes its just different.
  • 11) You demand respect from everyone and the feign it for you.
    If you have to demand respect, just know they are faking it.
I could go on, I’ve done it all…. any other things you would add?

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