Delivering the Word To Kids – NEW SERIES

I am collecting my thoughts on communicating God’s Word to kids. I have just recently put together a self evaluation form for our elementary teachers. I did this both through their and my own evaluation that our training process was lacking. I am putting together a simple plan to help us all become better communicators.

My challenge was that in my life if I wanted to learn something, I did it. No one ever purposely sat me down and told me these things. Most I learned the hard way. A few, I read in a book. Some I just stumbled upon. I happen to learn many things quickly by simply teaching myself. That presents a challenge when sharing that information with others. Not everyone learns in this way.

This series is intended to be a place for me to gather and organize this thoughts to better equip the saints for ministry. I wanted to share it with you so that perhaps it will help someone else or even perhaps you might have a word to add.


Some of my intended posts include:

  • preparation
  • humor
  • delivery
  • connecting with the kids
  • evaluating
  • earning the right

Let me know if there is something you would like to see covered or again if you have any input.

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