Define the "WOW" part 2

I am teaching Old Testament survey right now in our local Bible School campus. Some people view the Old Testament as boring. Don’t let the enemy fool you. When I read the stories of the Old Testament I constantly find myself saying “WOW”. The more I read it, the more “WOW’d” I become. I see something new every single time I read through the living pages.

This is just further proof to me that God is about the “WOW” moment.  I look back at my life and see God’s hand in the “WOW” moments. Not all were caused by God but He used every single one. When I have good “WOW”‘s I turn to thank God. When I have bad “WOW”‘s I turn to seek God. The “WOW” moments can act as catalysts for spiritual growth in our lives. When I see teens and adults who were kids in our children’s ministry they remind me of the “WOW” moments. They don’t remember the awesome sermons I preached. They remember the home and hospital visits. They remember the time we had a motor bike zoom in the back door of the church. They remember when one of our assistants repelled down the wall. They remember when we prayed for them and God came through.

So you could basically define “WOW” moments, as memorable experiences. But not just memorable, but also life changing experiences. I can remember every single major event in my life that changed my course. Some were spiritual: getting saved at that small Baptist church, getting baptized the next week, getting the infilling of the Holy Spirit during the worship service at my AG church, and the ministry call at Youth America Camp. Some were relational: meeting my wife Rachel at youth group, asking her father if I could marry her, our wedding, breaking down in the middle of Oklahoma on our honeymoon (lol man that was fun), and the birth of all three daughters. Those are my “WOW” moments that make me so reassured that they are so necessary.

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