Change of Plans

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about planning and setting a deadline. Since then I ran my first 5k. I was in the best shape in years. I had trained for 9 weeks. The problem was I still wasn’t running as fast as I knew I could.

As the race started I ran with the young guys for the first mile. At that point my back reminded me that I wasn’t one of those young guys and that I hadn’t run like that in 15 years. I had to slow down. My body wanted to quit at that point. I didn’t want to train all that time and get so close and quit. I pushed on although at a slower pace. I finished the race and still did better than training.

I learned a few things about myself from this race and the training. I had a plan to run a half marathon next year and a marathon the next. I now know I won’t let myself do that. I want to run the 5k well. Even with running stupid I was only 3 minutes off pace of placing in my age bracket. My new plan is to keep working on my 5k pace and speed.

I have often made a plan too aggressive in ministry also. I may have been able to pull it off but not at a level of excellence. I can’t be afraid of changing it to make sure I finish my race.


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