Change Before You Have To

I just got done reading my Pastor’s new book, Change Before You Have To. I did an extensive tweet up of many of the quotable statements.

The basis of the book is rather obvious considering the title, we need to change before we have to. I think the same goes for our ministries.What is it that we need to change about our kid’s ministries? I can’t answer that question for you, but I can for me.

I have changed how I do ministry. Methods have changed. I couldn’t allow something that was good to keep me from what is great.

I have changed why I do ministry. Motives mean a lot to God. We must make sure we are living by priorities. Remember Mary and Martha. Who God is and my relationship with Him is more important than what I do for Him.

I have changed with who I do ministry with. I tried to do it all alone. I liked being a one man show. Raising up leaders and partnering with parents are now key. This team is more effective than the team of me, myself and I.


What keeps us from making the changes? Fear of failure? Good enough? We’ve always done it this way? Make the changes today before you have to.



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