Book Review – #tweetableleadership @jimwideman

As usual this book by Jim Wideman is packed with wisdom. “Tweetable Leadership”  is a unique book filled with over 500 quotes from Brother Jim. Also included in the book are 7 chapters of wisdom. He tackles subjects from your family to your relationship with God. Each one is filled with the folksy common sense wisdom that Jim Wideman is famous for.

Other topics include time management, being an example, growing as a leader and growing as a ministry. I found myself circling quotes and examining my life for areas of improvement. I think just about anyone could pick up this book and learn something. You don’t even have to be in kidmin. In fact you can just flip it open and get a bit sized nugget of truth from the kidmin guru.

I made sure all my staff had a copy and we will be going through it together as a team.

Disclaimer: I received copies of this book in exchange for my truthful review.


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