Book Review: The Vision Driven Leader

Great book on crafting your vision script.

I’m a big fan of Michael Hyatt. I have previously read his book, Free to Focus after hearing about it on a podcast I listen to. I was vaguely familiar with him before then but getting into my “passion zone” really click with me. I’m a subscriber to his podcast “Lead To Win” and have downloaded many of his productivity tools.

It’s through this that I heard about his upcoming book The Vision Driven Leader. I signed up to be on the book launch team and got excepted. They sent me a free Kindle copy of this book through Net Galley to be able to review it. I finished it today. While I didn’t connect with it at the same level as Free To Focus, I definitely enjoyed this book. I plan on reading it again as well as checking out the audio book version that I have preordered.

In this book, Michael Hyatt goes through the steps of working through a vision for your company or organization. How can you get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going? Accidents do happen but being intentional bears better results. Michael goes beyond the pithy or witty vision statements and talks about a vision script. I found this idea so compelling especially as a man of faith. Its about painting a mental picture of where you’re going as if you were already there. Just as a great painting has painstaking detail your vision script needs details. Michael teaches the brushstrokes needed to fill in the details of your masterpiece.

If you’re a leader in your company, church, or other organization I encourage you to pick this up and start crafting your vision today.

I’ll continue to be a big fan of Michael’s and use his tools to increase in vision and productivity as a leader. Pre-order your copy of Vision Driven Leader (launches March 31) at your favorite book retailer.

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