Book Review – The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

In this book, Shaunti Feldhahan talks about the things research has shown to be habits of “highly happy couples”. This book on marriage doesn’t tackle the big things: money, sex, communication, in-laws or children. It focuses more on day to day practices and attitudes that lead to a happy marriage. This book doesn’t make itself out to be a cure-all for marriage but simply shares small things you could do to do to change.

All the data from this book is collected from surveys and many supported by actual testimonial stories. Different surveys were complied to come to the conclusions made in this book. The couples surveyed were put into three groups based on their initial response to the question: “Are you generally happy and enjoying being married?”

The first category was “highly happy couples” who both independently answer “yes!” Next came the “mostly happy couples” who either both answered “mostly of the time” or only one answered “yes!” Last came the “so-so or struggling couples” whose answers varied from “sometimes yes, sometimes no” to “not really” or even “no”. Each finding is supported by the responses of couples in the three categories.

Shaunti encourages the readers to not try and implement all the findings of the book at once. Often we get overwhelmed with not being able to do so many things at once. When we fall short we find up quitting all together. She encourages to take a point and make it a habit and then to add another point to your lists of practices.

I began personally with the first chapter that addresses small actions that have a big impact. This chapter lists the “Fantastic Five” for men and women. Each of these were also supported by statistic data. I had done many of the five for my wife in the past but I made a conscious effort of the last few weeks to put these into practice. I noticed a difference immediately! Would you like to know what they were? Then pickup the book today! Trust me when I say these things are so simple that even a caveman like me can put them into practice.

I would highly suggest this book to any couple who wants to have a better marriage no matter how good or bad it currently is.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.

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