Book Review – The Power of the Half hour

I recently read “The Power of Half Hour” by Tommy Barnett. I received a free digital through the blogging for books website in exchange for this review.

I love what Pastor Tommy Barnett has done in ministry but this is the first book of his I have read. The idea behind the book is that even 30 minutes out of your day can make a difference. The author gives specific examples from his own life and those close to him about various areas of life.

The ideas weren’t new to me but I love great stories, so I enjoyed the book very much. He covered thirty “half- hour principles” in the 30 chapters of the book of course. At the end are actions steps for you to take in each of these principles. There is even a small group study guide for leading a 7 part half hour small group.

The book covers many areas where you can use 30 minutes to make a difference: marriage, children, risk taking, self improvement, changing someone’s life, vision, attitude, forgiveness changing the world and more. I recommend it to anyone who has ever uttered the words “I’m too busy”.

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