Book Review – Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

This book had me engaged and laughing the whole time. Jia shares his compelling stories of overcoming rejection in his life. Jia Jiang founded a blog to chronicle his rejection as well as a video series. He came to America with the hope of being the next Bill Gates. He found success in the corporate world but wanted something more from life.

He took as risk and quit his job to chase his dreams. That’s where he came face to face with rejection and where the story of the book really starts. He decide to start an experiment of 100 days of rejection and it is nothing short of genius.  He walks us through many of his days and the things he attempted. Many of them were designed to make him intentionally experience rejection.

A fun twist was that not everything wound up being rejected. His famous request was going into a donut shop and asking for a donut in the shape of the Olympic rings. Each chapter has a lesson that sums up the “moral of the story” so to say. Its obvious that the author did his homework and research. He talks about why we get rejected and how to take a “yes” and a “no”.

This is a great book chronicling Jia’s journey to becoming “rejection proof” but gives us a great example of how to live our own lives with boldness and overcoming fear. Pick up a copy and I’m sure you’ll be laughing and learning to live above rejection right away.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.


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