After Easter Mind Dump

OK this may have no rhyme or reason but I’m dumping all this here to later look at.

Our kidmin numbers were up 40%. I calculate our adult numbers were up 20%.

Having the egg hunt during service and giving away prizes was a big hit. It made things tight time-wise but I like it that way.

Since Easter fell the week after spring break this year we had several of our regular families out of town. Thank God that won’t be the case next year. That also means our numbers should have been even better.

Pressure reveals how well people are trained and equipped, we need to step it up to the next level.

We need to make a few minor tweaks to be ready for radical growth:

  • More checkin computers and attendants
  • Split the preschool rooms
  • Split the nursery rooms
  • Have someone who just sees that visitors get visitor packets and boxes
  • Need more middle managers (assistant coordinators, directors etc)
  • revisit security procedures

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