Adversity – Fuel or Foil?

I had to get the run in but it was lightly raining. It was less than idea conditions with the trail full of mud and flooded in some places. I was tired some a busy week and hadn’t eaten well all week. I had to run my longest run yet and knew it would be a challenge. I didn’t have much choice of pushing it off because I had a training scheduled to maintain.

Some people face adversity and it makes them want to give up. I tend to be wired a little different. When I face adversity, it energizes me. Sometimes it’s a little dangerous because I find myself manufacturing it if it isn’t present. I like and gain energy from a good comeback story. I think adversity is a lot like suffering. Some Christians look at suffering as if it’s a sign of God’s hand upon us and almost worship it. Others demonize it and say if you’re experiencing suffering that it must be because of some sin or lack of faith. The truth of suffering lies somewhere in between.

Adversity can fuel us and it can foil us. I think a proper stance on adversity is to lean into God when things aren’t going well. Trust Him. Keep your eyes on Him and not on you adversity or lack thereof. Adversity reminds us of our frailty and of God’s greatness. It reminds us of our limits and His limitlessness. It reminds us that we’re not in control and that He is sovereign.

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