Acts of the Apostles Chapter 4

Acts 4 picks up the telling of Peter and John preaching. The leaders were disturbed by the gospel. Some people will just be disturbed by the truth because it challenges the power structures they’ve built in their lives. The religious leaders knew this threatened their authority. They had Peter and John arrested. Often you do the right thing and it has a cost you didn’t know you’d have to pay. This is the first persecution of the church in Acts.

The council demands Peter and John name by what authority they did these things. Peter make it clear that it was by Jesus’ name they did these things and he lay the charge and fault of Jesus’ death at their feet. Their supernatural boldness reflected Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit. Even the council noticed Peter’s boldness. They noticed other things also:

  1. They were ordinary men who had no special training in scriptures. In other words they weren’t Pharisees. Beware anyone who claims to have a special revelation or insight in scripture, that’s dangerous.
  2. They had been with Jesus. Have I allowed my time with Jesus to transform me in a way that is recognizable to others?

The council asked them to stop preaching in Jesus’ name but Peter recognized that they must obey God rather than man. They couldn’t punish them further because this was a undeniable and certified miracle. Everyone knew the man. I pray for life change to happen in our community that is undeniable.

Peter and John returned to the believed and they thanked God and prayed. The place that they were in shook. I need to pray more place shaking prayers. They preached the Word with even more boldness. They prayed for it and received it. Their was a unity in their midst. Trials and tribulation bring unity when properly processed.

Everyone started sharing good and finances. Believers sold all they had to distribute to others. They preached the resurrection to the point that blessing came upon them. Their is a powerful blessing in the resurrection. Barnabas the son of encouragement was one of those givers. His gift made room for him. Their is blessing in radical generosity.

Lord we pray for your power of boldness to be in our life. May we declare the Word in the same way. May we walk in your unity and experience your blessings.



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