Acts of the Apostles Chapter 26

Paul’s trial before Agrippa starts and Paul says that he considers himself fortunate that his trial is before Agrippa. The King James version says “I think myself happy”. I love that poetic phrasing. Sometimes we can think ourselves unhappy. Paul thought himself happy. Paul starts off his trial asking for patience with Agrippa as he shares his story. Paul was a master with people. Paul begins to share his background and conversion story with those present.

He shared how he once persecuted the church because he thought thats what God wanted. He tells of how God got his attention and he was changed forever and obeyed the voice of God. He said that this was the reason that he was on trial. I often find myself on trial for obedience to the “heavenly vision” I’ve received. Paul spoke boldly to Agrippa and Festus. Festus objects and thinks Paul is mad. Paul appeals to Agrippa and his knowledge of the prophets.

Agrippa objects and asks if Paul thinks he can convert him in such a small window of time. Paul says he wished that all would come to the understand he has without the chains. They find that Paul has done nothing wrong but must go on to Caesar since he has appealed to Caesar.


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