Acts of the Apostles Chapter 25

Festus takes over for Felix. The council presses the same charges against Paul and wants to bring him to Jerusalem to try him. Really they want to ambush and kill him on the road. They don’t seem to have any new strategies against him. I’ve often found that the enemy has new strategies against me. He runs the same plays over and over and sometimes I still fall for them.

Festus denies their request and asks the leaders to come with him so they can try Paul. They bring the accusations again and Paul denies them. He appeals to Caesar. 

Festus asks for Agrripa and how wife Bernice’s help in hearing Paul and writing the charges so that Paul can get his trial before the emperor. Festus clearly doesn’t understand the charges against Paul. He does realize that Paul preaches that Jesus is alive and that confounds him. The trial begins as Agrippa and his wife arrive with great pomp with a great audience in attendance.




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