Acts of the Apostles Chapter 23

Paul begins his trial. He addresses them as brothers and lets them know that he has a clear conscience. This causes the high priest to have him slapped. Paul responds that God will slap him as a hypocrite. He is corrected by those standing near him because Paul didn’t realize that this was the high priest. Paul apologizes and honors the leader even though he’s clearly against Paul and the Gospel. We can express honor and civility even to those we don’t agree with.

Paul wisely recognizes a potential weakness in his accusers. Some are Sadducees, some are Pharisees. He brings up a point that they disagree on; the resurrection. He claims he’s on trial for believing in the resurrection which is actually true. He’s on trial because he believes in the resurrection of Jesus. He believes in it so much he’s willing to give his life for it.

The night God appeared to Paul and encouraged him. When we stand with God, He stands with us and brings encouragement. God promised Paul that He would preach the gospel in Rome. While this was happening the council was plotting further against Paul. 40 men swore an oath that they would not eat or drink until they had killed Paul. I’ve had some people say some bad stuff about me. I’ve had people stand against me. I’ve had lies told about me and people turned against me falsely. I’ve never had someone say they weren’t going to eat Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and sweet tea until they killed me. I’ve had bad days, but not that bad. And God is always faithful like he was to Paul.

Paul’s nephew finds out about the plot and gets it to Paul and eventually the commander. The commander has Paul escorted away where he can be put on trial before Felix.



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