Acts of the Apostles Chapter 21

Paul sails on towards Jerusalem despite warnings of what will happen there. At Tyre he is warned by believers through prophecy to not go to Jerusalem. He prayed with them and said his farewells. Later he goes to the home of Phillip the evangelist. His four daughters had the gift of prophecy, I think its interning that this is mentioned because they aren’t recorded as having prophesied anything to Paul as he stayed there. Is this supposed to mean something or not? If so what does it mean? I don’t have the answers here. Just a curiousity.

Abagus does prophesy to Paul that he will be bound in Jerusalem. Paul pushes on despite the pleading of the local believers. Paul believed he was called to do this and couldn’t be persuaded otherwise. He was ready to die if needed. Of course we know how this ended. How committed am I to the mission I believe that God has put me on? What am I willing to give to see it fulfilled?

Paul arrives at Jerusalem and reports to the elders. He gave them updates on what was happening amongst the Gentiles. He addressed rumors being told about him with the truth. The way to combat lies is with truth. He assured the elders that he was doing exactly what there asked him to do and say what he was told to say. Paul submitted to the authority of his life even though is some ways she had surpassed them in “achievements”. He wrote more letters, started more churches, mentored more pastors and yet he wasn’t too big for submission. No matter what I achieve I never outgrow authority.

Later Paul makes a vow at the temple. Paul went above and beyond to be above board. The jews there accuse him of defiling the temple by brining a Gentile there because they saw him earlier with some Gentile believers. The city started in an uproar! A mob formed and tried to kill Paul. The Romans wind up having to rescue him. There was much confusion in the uproar. The commander of the Romans starts to let Paul speak after confusing him with an Egyptian rebel.



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