Acts of the Apostles Chapter 20

After the chaos dies down Paul leaves for Macedonia and then on to Greece. He’s there three months and he continues to encourage believes as he travels through towns. He goes to Troas where he spends a week. He’s preaching on and on one night and a young man falls asleep and falls three stories out a window and dies. Paul just picks him up and says he’s ok and continues preaching. That’s some resolve right there. He knew his time was short and had to continue preaching. How easily I get distracted from my calling sometimes. Have faith and endurance.

Paul wanted to meet with the Ephesians elders but didn’t have time to go to see them so he calls for them. He’s saying his goodbyes because he knows he won’t be back. He tells them that his message was

  1. repent from sin
  2. turn to God
  3. have faith in Jesus

Doesn’t get any more plain than that. Paul tell them he’s called to go on to Jerusalem to finish his work. He charges them to do several things.

  1. guard yourselves
  2. guard God’s people
  3. feed the flock
  4. shepherd the flock
  5. watch for false teachers

Thats a playbook for pastors and the care of the church. He entrusted them to the care of God and the message of grace. He reminded them that he wasn’t a financial burden to them. He reminded them that this wasn’t about getting rich and gaining something but giving. They said their goodbyes and the people were sad because they knew they would never see Paul again.



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