Acts of the Apostles Chapter 19

Paul traveled to Ephesus where he found a group of believers. He asked them if they received the Holy Spirit when they believed and they commented that they hadn’t even heard that there was a Holy Spirit. They had only been baptized with John’s baptism so they hadn’t been fully explained the gospel. Paul explained to them and they were baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit. We often come across people who believe in Jesus but don’t fully understand the gospel. Our job is to explain and help them believe correctly.

Paul spends the next two years preaching body in the synagogue and arguing with people about the Kingdom of God. God used Paul to perform miracles. One way was when clothes were placed on Paul while he preached and then placed upon the sick who then recovered. May our very presence be as healing today.

We have a copy cat group (The seven sons of Sceva) who tried to cast out demons by referencing Jesus and Paul. The man beat them up instead. They didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. We can’t walk in His power outside of relationship.

Believers in that area started confessing sinful practices and started bringing their sorcery books etc to be burned. The message of the Gospel continues to spread rapidly. Paul felt led to leave the city, he sent Timothy and Erastus ahead. The idol makers stirred up trouble for Paul because they were losing income. A riot started and the believers wouldn’t let Paul go in to address the mob. The mayor calmed them down and dispersed the crowd.



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