Acts of the Apostles Chapter 17

Acts 17 tells of Paul and Silas preaching in three different cities: Thessalonica, Berea, and Athens. Each of these cities is in modern day Greece. First off they taught in Thessalonica and got a great response. They taught in the synagogue for three weeks and many believed. Some Jews got jealous and started a riot. They couldn’t find Paul and Silas so they arrested the people hosting them. Sometimes people get mad at you for even the associations you hold.

They moved on to Berea and the people there were more receptive. They were 1) more one minded 2) listen eagerly 3) searched the scriptures 4) believed. Many Jews and prominent greeks followed the way of Jesus after they taught there. The Jews from Thessalonica followed them to stir up trouble there also.

They moved on to Athens where Paul was disturbed by all their idols. Athenians loved to hear new teachings and philosophies so they listened to Paul talk. He connected Jesus with their altars to the unknown God. He started with something they knew and attached it to something they didn’t know. He quoted poets in his talk that they knew. He talked to them about Jesus and they listened up until the point where he explained the resurrection. Some believed at this point and others scoffed. The power of the gospel is found only in the resurrection. It is the deciding point.





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