Acts of the Apostles Chapter 12

Acts 12 starts off with the report of what Herod is doing to persecute the church. He killed James the brother of John and arrested Peter. The church prayed for Peter while he was in jail. During the night an angel struck Peter and woke him up to free him from prison. Sometimes I need an awakening strike to get me free from my prison, how about you? The angel told him to get dressed and put his shoes on. We are set free to preach the gospel!

Peter thought it was a dream but finally realized he was free. He went to the house of Mary and knocked on the door. Rhoda who answered knew it was Peter but everyone else thought it had to be his ghost. I find it interesting that they were praying for his release but figured he was dead. The prayer of faith is more about obedience than it is belief. Finally they realize its him and they’re amazed.

Herod discovers Peter is gone and puts the guards to death. He eventually blasphemes God and dies. Then God’s Word multiplied and grew! When the thing that opposes you finally dies God brings growth and multiplication.

At this time the Saul and Barnabas returned from their mission to Jerusalem and bring John Mark with them.


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