Acts of the Apostles Chapter 16

Paul wants to bring Timothy with him so he has him circumcised. Its interesting that Paul fought against circumcision being a requirement for believers but required it of Timothy as a leader. We as leaders are held to a higher standard. Paul and the others shared with the churches the decision of the apostles and leaders concerning Gentiles. The churches grew stronger in their faith and size every day.

The Holy Spirit guides Paul and Silas exactly where He wants them. They were forbidden to go to some places and led to go to others. Lydia gets saved by result of this and she hosts them in her home. Paul and Silas head one day to a place of prayer and are followed by a demon possessed girl.

She would shout out that they were servants of God. This went on for days and finally Paul gets tired of it and casts the demon out of her. Some translations actually use the word “exasperated”. Sometimes we don’t do anything about things that are bothering us until we reach the end of our rope. Her masters get mad because her demonic powers are now gone and they were using them for gain. When you mess with people’s money they get mad.

They form up a mob, beat them and throw them in prison. Paul and Silas at midnight sang praises and prayed. God shook the jail and they were loosed. We need to praise in the midst of the thing that has us bound. The jailor realized it and knew he would be in trouble and intended to do harm to himself. They stop him and he asks what he has to do to be saved. Him and his entire household are saved. He hosts Paul and Silas and treats their wounds.

The next morning the officials want to free them. Paul lets them know that they are citizens of Rome and haven’t gotten a trial. The officials apologize and set them free. We see Paul use this again later in Acts. He met with the believers again before he left town and encouraged them in their faith.


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