Acquiring and Perfecting The Skills

Part of the “Delivering the Word To Kids” Series

Before we talk about what the skills you need to deliver the Word effectively, I will talk about how to acquire and perfect these intangible skills.

1) Learn from others
Nobody is born being able to speak to large groups of people. We are born unable to speak at all. Speaking has to be developed by learning from others. The same is true of public speaking. We learn and create our own style by watching and others. We begin to learn what we like and don’t like. I often see my former and current pastors, teachers and mentors in my speaking style. I believe not only is this a natural phenomenon but a spiritual one. Elisha became like Elijah through spending time with him.

2) Determine to be successful
If we want to get better we have to make it a goal that we focus on. A maginfying glass in the sunlight is a great example of the power of focus. It bends the sunlight into a point which can light a fire. If you want to be a great speaker you must focus on growing. You need to see yourself as an effective speaker who can minister to the kids and then do what it takes to actually be better. This doesn’t mean we ignore our faults but that we change our thinking. When we change our thinking we can change our actions and our destiny.

3) Practice
Find opportunities to grow.  Every art requires time to hone. Every sport requires hours of practice before performance. Speaking is the same way. You always fall when learning to walk. Don’t be afraid of falling. Get back up and soon you’ll get the hang of it.



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