4 Tips On Receiving Feedback

  1. Don’t be defensive
    • One reason we all want to get defensive with feedback is that we take it personally. All feedback isn’t a reflection of your self-worth. “Correction is for my protection and direction, not rejection.”
  2. Posture yourself to learn
    • Seek out feedback as a catalyst for growth. Even if you aren’t sure that the person giving the feedback is correct about what they’re pointing out, look for the nugget of truth or principle you can reinforce.
  3. See it from their perspective
    • Put yourself in their shoes. One of the greatest values of feedback is to see something you can’t see yourself. Celebrate an outside perspective.
  4. Ask clarifying questions
    • Follow up with questions that help you get to the root of the issue being addressed. Actively listen to hear, not just to respond.

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