I’m not a hero

Sometimes I struggle with my motivations. Sometimes deep down inside I want to be the hero of every story. I was recently struggling with a big decision in which my thinking was off. I was struggling to do what I knew I had to do because I thought the opposite would be better because then I could “save some people”. When I was seeking counsel on this several of my mentors pointed out that I was confusing myself with Jesus. One said “Jason you can’t save anyone, only Jesus can do that.”

Ouch that hurt. After I got off the phone with him I cried out to God. I felt him saying this “Jason I didn’t ask you to save anyone, I just asked you to be obedient.” He has already made my path clear but I doubted it in the name of trying to “do good”. I overestimated my self value. I had a need to be needed for validation.

As I reflect back on this time I learned or clarified some things.

  1. God hasn’t called me to the the heroic savior, He has called me to be the obedient servant. My job isn’t to try and save anyone, it’s to be obedient to God’s call.
  2. Jesus is the hero. In every Bible story we often misidentify the hero. David wasn’t the hero after fighting Goliath. Daniel wasn’t the hero in the lion’s den. Moses wasn’t the hero after parting the Red Sea. They were all obedient servants. Jesus is ultimately the hero. They just obeyed.
  3. In my messages if I’m preaching make me the hero I’m preaching another gospel. If I make it sound like I have it all figured out and am not in need of the cross I am self deceived and in danger of deceiving others. I must paint myself in a true light of in need of Jesus to be the hero.
  4. I will do good but it should only be to reflect His goodness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do good. Our motivations must always be to bring Honor to the King. My helping others isn’t about me, its about poignant them back to the true hero who hung on the cross for them.
  5. I can’t save anyone else, I can’t even save myself. That’s why Jesus had to come. Doing good saves no one. We can’t do enough to save anyone. We must just be obedient to His call.



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